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Chair Risers

Have you ever had problems getting in and out of your seat? Many people have. In fact, it can cause quite a bit of pain for an elderly individual or an individual with back problems to lift themselves out of a low chair.

For years, people have made home made solutions to help ease their pain as they rise out of their seats, many not knowing that there are already many chair riser and furniture riser solutions available on the market for them to use if they so choose. In fact, there are two different kinds of chair risers and furniture risers, and either may work for you depending on your situation.

Brace Chair Risers

The first type of chair riser is the brace chair riser, a version of which is pictured below. This chair riser has two long poles on each side of the chair, with a handle on top. These handles are horizontal and flat, with hand grips to help you grip them easier.



 ez up chair riser

Ideally this brace should be just a little lower than chest high so you can easily raise yourself out of the seat by placing your hands on the handles, and pushing downward toward the ground in order to help yourself up.

These braces have been a great option for individuals who are looking for a way to help them rise out of their seat for years.

However, there have been a few limited shoulder injuries (mostly in the elderly) when using this type of chair riser. It is important that you know this is the right chair riser for you before making your purchase.

If you are unsure about what type of chair riser you should purchase, you should consult your doctor about which option is best for you. One type of brace chair riser is the EZ Up Chair Riser, which has been advertised extensively.



 chair riser

 furniture and chair riser

 furniture riser

Furniture Risers

The second type of chair riser or furniture riser is the more practical leg addition. This type is highlighted in all the other pictures on this site. This utility connects to the bottom of your bed or chair leg, in order to raise the furniture off of the ground farther. This is ideal because it makes it so you do not have to lift yourself as high out of the chair, bed or other type of furniture.

furniture riser     furniture risers     chair furniture riserchair risers

This is a lot easier on your back and arms, and will certainly have you feeling better throughout your day. Remember to read any product reviews by other customers who have used this riser to see how it has affected them and find any potential problems that may arise with the use of this utility.



 chair furniture risers

 furniture chair risers

 furniture chair riser

If constant back pain and incompatibility from staining to get out of your seat are a problem for you, chair risers and furniture risers might be the best option for you. Because these actually raise the furniture farther off of the ground and allow you to move to an upright position safely instead of strain to lift yourself up, they are a wonderful option for many elderly individuals.

You should always consult your physician about which product might be right for you and the potential pros's and cons of any device that is used to help you medically.

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